Protect your childs smile whilst they play sport

The summer holidays are starting and for many parents that means organising new school uniform. Is a mouthguard on your list?

Every year thousands of children are treated for dental injuries which could have been avoided or minimised by wearing a custom fitted mouthguard.Studies have shown that approximately 25% of children in the UK will injure and possibly lose a front tooth at some stage and that between 13% and 39% of all dental injuries are sports related.


Summer is nearly here and whilst this means holidays, BBQ’s and fun in the sun it is important not to neglect your dental routine. Here are some tips to help you look after your teeth this summer.

clean between my teeth

Most of us know that brushing our teeth twice a day is important for good oral health but did you know that cleaning between our teeth is important too? Daily cleaning between our teeth seems to be a harder habit to get into than brushing and yet it is just as important.

We brush our teeth to remove food debris and plaque, a sticky film of bacteria that constantly forms on and between our teeth. Whilst brushing twice a day removes much of the food debris and plaque on the surface of the teeth there is still about 35% of the tooth's surface that isn't being reached. If we don't clean between our teeth the build up of plaque deposits in these areas can cause the gums to bleed and result in tooth decay and gum disease.


If you are unhappy with your smile due to damaged, chipped and cracked teeth or you have larger spaces between teeth than you would like, then cosmetic bonding may be an option for you.

Composite bonding uses the same material as that used in white fillings (composite) but in this case it is used to change the appearance of a tooth. It is called bonding because the material used bonds to the tooth.


The 21st–27th October 2019 marks Bruxism Awareness week.

Bruxism is the clinical term for the grinding of teeth and clenching of the jaw. It can occur when you are awake or asleep but the latter is the most common, affecting almost 80% of bruxers.

You may not know that you grind your teeth while you are asleep. It may be a bed partner that first notices the grinding sounds and noises.

How to look after your dentures

Dentures are a very common solution to missing teeth, particularly for patients missing all of their teeth in one or both jaws. Whether you are new to dentures or have worn them for many years, it's really important to understand how to care for them to increase their longevity for years to come.

Just like with natural teeth dentures are susceptible to plaque and food build up. Denture care is important to keep your gums and any remaining teeth healthy.

broken tooth

Nearly 50% of children will have some type of injury to a tooth during childhood. Many of these are preventable. While most traumatic injuries occur in children and teenagers, people of all ages can be affected. We see tooth trauma from all sorts of situations such as falls, sports injuries, playground injuries, fighting, car accidents etc. Accidents happen, and knowing what to do can be the difference between losing and saving the tooth.


I first mentioned the idea of Flossuary a couple of years ago in a staff meeting. There was quite a lot of laughing and nothing much more was said about it!

I've been a hygienist here for over 14 years so have spent many an hour, sitting on my stool, trying to think of ways to motivate patients to improve their oral hygiene. One of the things I say to my patients when I'm trying to introduce something new, whether its switching to an electric toothbrush or cleaning in

Dental Check by One Campaign

So, when should you start taking your baby to the dentist? If we were to ask a selection of new parents we would more than likely hear different answers: when they've got their first tooth, when they've got all their milk teeth, when they are old enough to co-operate, around the age of 3 etc etc.

Avoid a 'Prosecco Smile'  this Christmas

Prosecco has become an increasingly popular drink over the last few years due to its cost, sweetness and the fact it contains less calories than champagne. Women in particular are choosing it as their drink of choice.

But did you know that Prosecco is particularly bad for your teeth?